Organic CBD Oil 3-Pack

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Product Details

Ingredients: Organic Mint, Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil.

Servings: 30 servings per bottle.

Product Life: 18-month shelf stable.

Benefits: Manufactured in USA, premium grade, broad spectrum.

Microbial Analysis: Total Aerobic Count <2,000 cfu/g., Total Yeast and Mold <200 cfu/g., E. Coli = Negative, Salmonella = Negative.

Contaminant Analysis: Heavy Metals: Not Detected (ND), Lead: ND, Arsenic: ND, Residual Solvents: ND.

What makes our CBD oil so great:

Calmr CBD oil products are fast-acting and easy to take. The oil is a simple introduction to the world of CBD — you simply select your favorite flavor and take by mouth as desired.

As with all of our high-quality products, we extract any trace amounts of THC from our oil before we sell them to you. This means you can enjoy all of the benefits of CBD without worrying about feeling a THC-induced high as a side effect. Our third-party lab tests ensure that there is no detectable level of THC in our tinctures.

Because we use broad spectrum hemp oil, you also get the benefits of the naturally occurring components of the hemp plant working together with the CBD. This is what’s known as the entourage effect. When you take CBD from Calmr, you are truly receiving all of the benefits the hemp plant has to offer.

Taking our CBD by oil is always an enjoyable experience. Our Tranquil Mint is perfect for those looking for a relaxing, refreshing experience from their oil.

With 30 servings per bottle, Calmr CBD oil is a perfect for any CBD user. Our above-and-beyond lab tests and money-back guarantee make Calmr CBD oil the perfect choice for your CBD needs.

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Over 15,000 people love Calmr


"When I can't sleep because I've had too much caffeine, Calmr's CBD takes the edge off and allows me get the rest I need. I've tried other CBD oils before, and Calmr is the best."

Stuart R.

"I’ve been finding it hard to relax and have been more stressed than normal. Calmr's CBD has helped me during this crazy time. I get chronic headaches a lot but it’s been more frequent and this CBD has been helping me to feel calm, relaxed and takes my headache away almost instantly.

I’m amazed because normally the only thing that helps me with my headaches is ibuprofen. Which as you know, is not great to take all the time. Calmr's CBD is all natural, derived from hemp, has peppermint oil, and does the trick for my headaches without harming my insides.

I can’t say enough about this product! I love that I get to bake with it too. Then I have something to look forward to. This is great as a gift for yourself or a perfect gift for a close family or friend that could really use more relaxation and a little less pain in their life."

Product FAQs

Is there alcohol in the tinctures? No, our tinctures do not contain alcohol.

Do Calmr tinctures contain any THC? No THC is detectable.

How many servings are in a bottle? Each bottle has approximately 30 servings.

How often should I take Calmr CBD oil? Taking our CBD once per day is great for a wellness routine. However, everyone uses CBD for different purposes, whether to improve post-workout recovery or to sleep better at night. You can take your Calmr CBD tincture at whatever time of day works best for you.

What does broad spectrum mean? Broad spectrum means that Calmr tinctures contain many of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phyonutrients in the hemp plant. Known as the entourage effect, these compounds work together to produce even more effects. 

How should I store my Calmr Tincture? Keep your tincture in a room-temperature, dry place to maintain maximum freshness.