We hear over and over again that regular exercise can improve our overall health.  But how exactly is our body affected when we adopt a regular workout plan into our schedules.  Below we’ll go over some of the changes you can see in your health when you begin to exercise regularly. 

Muscles and bones

Exercise is incredibly important for both building and maintaining strong muscles and bones. When paired with sufficient protein intake, exercise helps release hormones that help our muscles absorb amino acids.  This absorption is what helps our muscles grow. As we age, we tend to lose muscle which can be a large factor in sustaining injuries.  Incorporating regular exercise into our routines can help us from losing too much muscle mass and maintaining our strength as we begin to age. 

Regular exercise also helps us build up bone density. Building up our bone density throughout our lives can help us prevent developing osteoporosis as we age. High-impact exercises such as running, dancing, plyometrics, etc. have been shown to promote higher bone density than non-impact exercises such as cycling or swimming.


Happiness and increased energy levels

Exercise has been proven to decrease feelings of stress and anxiety and increase overall mood. This is due to increased brain sensitivity for both serotonin and norepinephrine.  Both of these can relieve symptoms of depression.  Exercise also produces endorphines which are shown to cultivate positive feelings and even help reduce our brain’s perception of pain. No need to think you can’t reap these benefits from the addition of some simple exercises.  Research shows that your mood will be affected positively regardless of the intensity at which you exercise. 

In addition to helping increase feelings of happiness, exercise can give an energy boost to not only healthy people but to those suffering from various medical conditions including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. One study found that six weeks of consistent exercise increased energy levels in people who had reported persistent fatigue before adopting a regular exercise routine. 

Relaxation and sleep 

Regular exercise can help with relaxation and sleeping better at night. When we exercise, our energy is depleted.  This depletion has been shown to stimulate the recuperative process as we sleep.  Our body temperature also increases when we exercise.  This increase in body temperature has been shown to help our body temperature drop when we sleep, an essential step to restful sleep. 

These benefits are not linked to any particular type of exercise.  Whether you prefer aerobic exercises or resistance training, exercising regularly could help your body relax and improve your overall sleep quality. 



We have all heard that it is important to exercise regularly.  But when we look at the many benefits we can receive from incorporating exercise into our daily routine, it gives us more motivation to take the time to actually make exercise a priority.  It is a simple thing we can do to maintain our health and increase our mood and happiness. 

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