Become Who You Imagine Yourself to Be Through Setting Goals

Everyone loves the idea of a “fresh start”.  But after a year like this, the world is more ready than ever to embrace a fresh, new start.  The new year brings a renewed sense of hope.  A time for us to look forward and plan for the future.  The best way to do this is through goal setting.  Although many 2020 goals took a backseat due to the pandemic, having goals in life help us move closer and closer to what we want to achieve and to become the people we want to be.


  • Make Sure Your Goals Are Yours
  • When it comes to setting goals, it is important to make sure you are doing this for you.  Trying to accomplish goals that are set for you by someone else never works out.  Your spouse, parents, or boss may want something for you but is it truly what you want?

    Sticking to your goals can be a tough road.  Working towards something that you do not have a passion for can make an already difficult journey that much more difficult.  It is important to be honest with yourself and make sure the goals you set are actually something you want for your life.

    Questions to ask yourself: Is this a goal I truly want for myself? Or am I trying to please someone else by accomplishing this goal?


  • Be Specific
  • You can make New Year’s resolutions till you’re blue in the face but without a specific goal and plan, resolutions are essentially just wishful thinking. The more specific your goals, the more likely you are to achieve them.  For example, many people start the year saying “I want to lose weight.”  While this is a commendable goal, it simply is not specific enough.  A better goal would be “I want to lose 20 pounds by the end of June.”

    Making specific plans and giving yourself measurable timeframes and goal posts will aid in actually achieving your goal.  Breaking larger goals down into smaller, more attainable goals can also be helpful when taking on large feats.

    Questions to ask: What exactly is it that I want to achieve? In what time frame would I like to achieve this goal? What specific steps will I take in order to achieve this goal? What roadblocks could potentially get in my way?


  • Put It In Writing
  • Physically writing your goals down and keeping it in a visible place keeps you accountable to yourself and helps you track the progress you are making.  When goals are left in your head, the chances of you continually working towards them begin to fade. Taking your specific plan and writing it down is essentially an unofficial contract you make with yourself to complete said goal.

    Questions to ask:  Have I written down a specific plan for how to achieve this goal?  Is it posted in a location where I will see it often, like my mirror?


    After the disappointments of this year, many of us are looking forward to a new start.  Every year throws curveballs our way—pandemic or not. By ensuring that our goals are our own, being specific, and writing them down, we can situate ourselves to obtain lofty goals in the new year to come.


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