If we start with the discussion of medical marijuana, we might come across different opinions from different people. The public, doctors, researchers, everyone is so keen to discuss the topic of medical marijuana and broadcast its key benefits to the world. There are a lot of common questions out there that lead communities to a completely different path, like “Is it safe to consume marijuana?” Should it be legalized? How effective is it? 

The list of these questions is endless, and if we try to answer them all through this, it will take a lot more time than expected. So it’s better to stay put with the key topic of this blog, how marijuana is good for your health, and why doctors need to slowly and gradually introduce this miraculous plant in their treatment process. 

If we limit our research to the United States, then 29 states have legalized Marijuana along with Washington, DC, and about 85% of Americans are already supporting the whole legalizing medical marijuana campaign. But before discussing the benefits and health advantages that marijuana provides, we need first to explore the constituent particles that are genuinely improving the healing process of patients and the ones responsible for making you high. 

Key constituents of Marijuana

People often get confused between CBD and THC because of all the so-called controversies associated with the hemp plant. While the former has almost negligible intoxicating properties, the latter is the very element that makes you ‘high’. But if we talk about the medicinal benefits, only CBD-dominant strains are used worldwide. 

Patients who’ve tried these products have mentioned miraculous benefits like improving anxiety disorders, spasticity, epilepsy, etc. Most of the patients consume it to control the chronic pain they’re experiencing. It does help in limiting the nerve pain or the pain of multiple sclerosis, etc. A recent study has suggested that the use of medical marijuana has been increasing all across the United States, which undoubtedly encourages the issues of health concerns among the public.

Benefits of Marijuana

Although research work is still not over, studies have yielded a lot about medical marijuana and its benefits in some specific conditions. Let’s discuss some of them.

Helps in Chronic pain relief

Many people out there are suffering from nerve or spasm pain that is making their lives miserable at times. But a study conducted by some prominent organizations from the field of Engineering, Science, and Medicine on more than 10,000 scientific facts and journals has found out that Marijuana containing cannabinoids acts as receptors in the same way our body’s receptors do. 

They signal the brain in the appropriate manner, which helps in relieving chronic or severe pain. This proves to benefit someone who’s already undergoing some other treatment and seeking a natural remedy for the crucial pain part.

Drug addiction and Alcoholism

This one comes out to be a contradicting benefit as different organizations have different opinions on the same. A review published by the Clinical Psychology Review journal states that medical marijuana helps in alcohol addiction. 

But this study was questioned by the National Academies of Sciences who suggested that marijuana increases the probability of substance abuse or dependency on other substances.

Helps in preventing Alzheimer’s

Although THC possesses the capabilities of making you high, it does have some miraculous benefits against Alzheimer’s. A study conducted by Kim Janda in 2006 suggested that Marijuana blocks that part of the brain which produces amyloid plaques. These plaques are responsible for killing the actual brain cells that lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Benefits in Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is a serious inflammatory bowel disorder that leads to severe pain, weight loss, frequent vomiting, and other symptoms as well. A recent study in Israel depicted that Cannabis significantly reduced the symptoms of Crohn’s disease in almost 95% of the patients. 

Although this study was conducted on a small group of people, many other types of research have shown the same kind of results. 

Helps in Decreasing Anxiety

A study by Harvard University suggested that limited usage of marijuana helps in reducing anxiety as well. It uplifts the mood of a smoker and regulates their health consistently. But it does have a disclaimer, which suggests that it should be consumed only in limited amounts. 

Higher doses of the same can promote anxiety and other types of mental illnesses, making you paranoid.


As technology and innovation are surpassing new boundaries each day, the potential of the research industry is also expanding exponentially. And we can surely expect some more studies in the future that will briefly explain the unbelievable advantages this plant has to offer.

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