After a long day or a stressful workout, nothing beats a luxuriating warm bath which brings a lot of wonders that will light up your mood. A calming soak in a tub is a natural stress-reliever which not only soothes your tired muscles but eases your mind as well.

Adding a few drops of fragrance using a CBD bath bomb brings in a calming effect of aromatherapy to your relaxation. CBD bath bombs offer a myriad of soothing properties that can help you recharge and revitalize. Settle back as you soak in subtly-scented warm water while you feel your mood slowly lightening up.

What makes CBD bath bombs unique 

CBD-infused bath bombs are an excellent addition to your relaxation kit. Even as research is still underway, CBD may offer unique wellness benefits not found in ordinary bath bombs including:

  • May help in improving sleep
  • Potential therapeutic effect to alleviate pain and anxiety
  • It May help relieve inflammation

By introducing CBD into bath bombs, you would not only enjoy the calming effect of a warm bath but also the likely benefits of cannabinoids to your mood and overall wellness.

1. Relieve your muscle and joint pains

Warm baths are excellent therapy for tired and sore muscles. Soaking in warm water loosens up your muscle as blood flow increases brought about by the comforting dip. A warm bath with a drop of a
CBD bath bomb for 15 minutes makes a wonderful combination to relieve pain and lift your mood at the same time.

2. CBD bath bombs can potentially alleviate depression

In 2019, researchers from the University of Freiburg conducted a study about depression. They found out that taking a bath might actually be better than exercise for people who are feeling down or suffering from depression. The same study also revealed that a warm bath can also be an effective therapy to boost the mood of their patients. 

Adding a CBD bath bomb can enhance your relaxing experience by providing the probable benefits of hemp products to your overall wellness.

3. Helps you sleep better

Sleepless nights can cause irritability and make you short-tempered. Sleep deprivations can have a tremendous impact on your mood which eventually results in mental exhaustion, stress, and feelings of anger. 

Warm baths, added with CBD bath bombs can help you attain quality sleep as it increases body temperature while it soothes your nervous system.

4. Lowers your blood pressure

Soaking in a warm bath can suppress your blood pressure for many hours. Taking a hot bath shortly before going to bed helps your body maintain your blood pressure for hours or even throughout the whole night.

Studies have shown that immersion in a warm bath for 10 minutes resulted in lowered blood pressure of subjects with treated hypertension. The research also revealed that diastolic blood pressure fell while their heart rate was increased.

5. Moisturize your skin

One of the benefits of having a warm bath is that it keeps your skin moist while it impedes annoying cracks from appearing once the skin dries up. Also, moisturizers work better on damp skin even if essential oils are added to your warm tub.

Cannabinoids have long been known to consist of antibacterial properties which can potentially address resistance to antibiotics. In a research conducted on antibacterial cannabinoids, all five cannabinoids showed potency against several types of Staphylococcus aureus which often cause skin infection.

The bottom line

Overall, a warm bath with a drop of a Calmr bath bomb can give you a feeling of pleasure and calmness. With all these benefits you can get from CBD, a hot bath is a convenient and easy way to invigorate and help you relax to keep your mood up.

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