What’s better than a good sleep that subsides all the physical and mental stress once and for all? Sounds amazing, right? Sleep is an essential part of your life which helps you cope with the stressful professional life you all have been leading. But this story and scenario are different for everyone.

According to a report, around 30-35% of American adults have Insomnia or other types of sleeping disorders. And the numbers are growing every day, which is a matter of severe concern. But guess what? nature holds an answer to all of our problems. The Cannabis plant has been a helpful and healing source ever since humanity has existed. It is mentioned in various Hindu and Chinese texts from the 15th century that cannabis was widely used to induce sleep in people.

If we talk about recent times, cannabis is still proving its worth in the medical industry. People are using CBD or Cannabidiol as a beneficial compound present in the Marijuana plant to treat health problems like stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders. But is it medically proven? As CBD vape oil is gaining popularity for its miraculous effects against Insomnia, let’s take a look at the medical pieces of evidence that proves the same. 


What is Insomnia?

One of the most common sleeping disorders is called Insomnia. An insomniac person struggles to fall asleep and also experiences poor sleep quality. A study has suggested that almost 20% of adult Americans are already suffering from primary or secondary stage Insomnia.

The brain of a person who has Insomnia enters an unusual state known as Hyperarousal. This is a guarding type of state where the body goes into a unique fight mode. It alerts almost every part of the body making it difficult to fall asleep or remain in it for long. 

Treatment for Insomnia or Sleeping Problems

Usually, Doctors go for some healing treatments which don’t involve any type of medicines or drugs. These treatments include relaxation therapy, behavioral therapies, and stimulus-controlling activities. Meditation and muscle relaxation techniques also help in treating Insomnia as well. Some medications like sleeping pills or relaxation supplements also prove to be helpful in efficiently managing Insomnia. 


These methods can help a patient, but the medications can cause some severe side effects as well. Severe addiction, hallucination, abnormal sleep cycles, and sleepwalking are common side effects that can further degrade a patient's overall health. To understand the sleep of human beings and how Cannabis oil can help them, we should first focus on the science of sleeping and relaxation. 


The Significance of Sleep

The hormone melatonin produced by the pineal gland governs the circadian rhythm of a 24-hour sleep cycle. In the daytime, the eyes signal the brain, which sends it further to the pineal gland, stopping it from making melatonin. But at night, these signals deactivate themselves, which allows the gland to produce melatonin. This hormone helps in regulating the sleep cycle in the human body. 


Cannabidiol or CBD may help in boosting the production of melatonin in the bloodstream. A large amount of melatonin in the body ensures a better sleep cycle. CBD vape oil consumed in small amounts also boosts daytime wakefulness which completely resets the 24-hour cycle and elevates the overall balance of the human body over a long period.


In a study conducted in 2018, over 408 medical patients suffering from Insomnia were tested with cannabis strains. The participants were asked to self-rate their insomniac condition before and after the test. The results showed that, on average, a person reported almost a 4.5% decrease in severity which they self-assessed themselves on a visual analog scale.


How is CBD Useful?


Cannabidiol or CBD possesses anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant benefits, which may help in alleviating secondary Insomnia and against a lot of other sleeping disorders. It also proves beneficial in mitigating symptoms of severe conditions like anxiety disorders and in autoimmune diseases, etc.


CBD may also help regulate the functioning of the endocannabinoid system, which primarily controls pain, mood, appetite, and various other biological functions. 

Several studies have suggested the effectiveness of Cannabidiol in treating Insomnia that is caused by stress disorders or severe anxiety. 


Sleep and CBD

Although no research has documented it till now, a 2014 study has proved that a dose higher than 15mg of CBD can work miraculously for an Insomnia patient. And it can certainly prove to be a relatively safer option to choose over sleeping pills. 


Plus, the nature of CBD oil or other CBD products does not support any kind of addictive properties. For example, a study conducted in 2018 suggested that 750mg of CBD was used on 43 people using recreational substances in the past. Their body didn’t show any addictive reaction to CBD, while it certainly did for some hypnotic medicines. 



As CBD is gaining popularity worldwide, several researchers are consistently researching more about the healing effects of this one-of-a-kind substance. Several results have exhibited positive outcomes, which can prove that CBD oil and its related products certainly can act as a promising alternative for those inefficient and risky medications. 

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