In the famous words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

With all the demands of daily life, it’s so easy to get swept up in the fast lane and forget to stop and appreciate all that we have to be grateful for.  A life well lived is one that is full of thankfulness and gratitude.  However, it can be hard to know where to start.  When we have challenging years like this, it can be difficult to begin a journey of gratitude.  But in the midst of hardship, it is still possible to find things to be grateful for.  Here are five ways to have more gratitude in your life.

Gratitude Journal

Setting aside the time to write down moments of gratitude associated with seemingly ordinary events can be a great start to your gratitude journal.  Establishing a daily habit of writing down the things you value, what you like about yourself, and what you appreciate about your life can help put you in the mindset of watching for moments to be grateful for. 

Gratitude Statements

In addition to writing down what you are grateful for, it can also be helpful to actually say what you are grateful for out loud.  Starting every morning and night by saying a few things you are grateful for can keep you in a positive headspace that contributes to an overall sense of mindfulness.  Try making gratitude statements when you wake up and before going to bed to begin a journey towards a more grateful life.

Use Visual Reminders

When beginning a new routine, it can be easy to forget the goals you made for yourself.  To help yourself remember to practice gratitude, it can be helpful to have visual reminders to remind you of your goal of gratitude.  Whether it be a post-it note on your fridge or a reminder that comes up on your phone, visual reminders can keep you on track to practicing gratitude each and every day. 

Watch Your Language

When starting your gratitude journey, it is important to watch how you speak about things that happen in your day-to-day.  Grateful people have a linguistic style that uses the language of giving, blessings, fortune, and abundance. Rather than focusing on how good you are, focus on using language that puts the focus on others and the light they bring into your life. 

Find Gratitude in Your Challenges

Gratitude is not only being grateful when things go as planned. In fact, trying to find the silver lining in challenging situations can be more beneficial than when everything is going right. This can even be true about past experiences.  Digging into our past to find the gratitude in the challenges we have faced can help us understand how these experiences have shaped us and what we can be grateful for in spite of the pain

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